PO BOX 264, Flinders Lane


VIC 8009





Scarsborough, WA


Programme: New Music Studio and garage, Outdoor entertainment area.


Year: 2012-2014


Finalist for 2014 Australian Timber Design Awards in the following catogories:


  • Outdoor Standalone Structure
  • Small Budget
  • Rising Star



Photos by Tim Lofthouse

Lofthouse is a free-standing timber structure in the backyard of a family home in the coastal suburbs of Perth.  The structure houses a series of semi-outdoor and internal spaces, namely; an outdoor entertaining area, a music studio, sleeping loft and a garage and storage area.  The design challenge of conflicting spatial uses is resolved with the use of conventional triangular trusses used in a playful and inventive way to sculpt the series of functional spaces as one coherent form.


Using this design intent, the standard prefabricated timber trusses are manipulated in three ways to create a twisted roof form that weaves from the existing house, through the tall eucalyptus trees and eventually slopes up towards the rear laneway.  The design flips the triangular trusses upside down to define the outdoor entertaining space and provide structure for both the translucent roof cladding and timber ceiling lining.  The trusses then fold to become wall structure for the studio's interiors and finally taper down towards the rear to include the garage. This tapering effect enhances the perspective of the form from the laneway and creates a sense of elongation from the garden’s entrance.

The delight of the project is from the new found space within the music studio's roof, in which an oblique triangular window to the sky is discovered and inserted within the gap between the chords of the truss.  This intimate space forms a sanctuary in which the client can retreat and connect with nature.